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PechaKucha Tulsa Night 11

Living Arts of Tulsa


PechaKucha is a presentation format of 20 slides at 20 seconds each about creative process. Below is the talk I gave in April about a few pieces from my Scientific Introspective body of work.


Big. Small. Everything.


We are surrounded by and interwoven with layered natural history. This complexity is my muse and never ceases to trigger new ideas for my art making. In this talk, I discuss the processes and inspirations for three artworks that appear to be vastly different, but stem from a common curiosity.


Click the image to watch...






Art Biologic - Limner Gallery, Hudson NY


I do not generally post about juried shows I have entered. It just so happens that a good friend of mine was also accepted into this particular show. Jaime Johnson's work (which is far better than mine) is also rooted in the relationship between human and nature. In graduate school, we spent a lot of time talking about the subject while developing film or burning the early morning hours in the studio.


Check out Jaime's photography work here:


Pictured is the framed print I shipped to Art Biologic at Limner Gallery.






Diálogos e Interpretaciones (Dialogs and Interpretations)
International Print Exchange and Traveling
Exhibition 2014


This summer I was fortunate enough to take part in Dialogs and Interpretations. The print I sent to travel the Americas was this 10"x8" intaglio, "Water, water everywhere... and not a drop to drink".



Jules Floss, University of North Carolina- Pembroke, United States and Jorge Eliécer Rodríguez Osorio, Universidad de Caldas, Manizales Colombia organize the exhibition and do an excellent job of sending emails with images and videos letting participants know where the prints are and how they are being displayed. Here is an image made by Hannah M. Sanders from the exhibit at Frogman's Print and Paper Workshops on the University of South Dakota campus. You can find my print towards the center and being examined by a gentlman in a camouflage cap.



This traveling exhibition also went on for showings at the following locations.


Universidad de Caldas, Palacio de Belles Artes, Rotunda, Manizales, Columbia

Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington

University of North Carolina, Pembroke, North Carolina

Redlands University, Strand Gallery, Redlands, California

Mission Grafica, San Francisco, California


In addition, to the many destinations of the show, there was an exchange requirement to submitting your work.


Here are the spoils of exchange participation.



Melvin Williams - Chicago, Illinios





Daniel Mejia - Fresno, California





Kayla Seedig - Pembroke, North Carolina





Mary Kroetsch - Ontario, Canada










Lani Shapton - Miami, Florida



For more information on the next traveling print exhibition and exhange, check this link -!portraits/c199t










The things you find while packing up the studio....


Well, graduation is only 11 days away and I have to clean out my studio at LA Tech. As much complaining I have heard and taken part in about the idiosyncrasies of the studio building, facing the reality of not having a studio at hand makes me appreciate every last square inch. On the upside, I have been uncovering a good number of sketches and color studies from the past three years. Even though most will never live outside of a trashcan, I will share a few.


This is study from last summer. I painted before taking on the 6’x6’ painting, “Topos”.





Here is a quick head study from my first year of grad school(2011-12). I took part in administering an uninstructed figure drawing/painting workshop that year.





And a figure study from the same series of workshops…





And here is a self-portrait I painted from a mirror my first year (2011-12). I need to make a few more of these this summer.




And a landscape study I painted a few summers ago. After living in Northern Oklahoma, Northern LA seemed a bit clostraphobic at times.




I will post more as I dig them up... or make new studies.








12th Lessedra World Art Print Annual



Last year, I was fortunate enough to participate in an international mini print show in Sophia, Bulgaria. I received the catalog for the exhibition some time ago and I thought I would share. It is always nice to see your work in print. I currently have several prints in Bulgaria for the 13th Lessedra World Art Print Annual and I am looking forward to receiving that catalog as well.



Here is the small full bleed version of my "Taking their turn, I see" Intaglio plate in the catalog. For more info on Lessedra click here for their Facebook page.


More international print show info to come.









The Surface Prep Workshop was a Success!



Everyone left with all of their fingers, a fully prepared 8”x10” panel and canvas as well as the knowledge to make many more.


The workshop could not have happened without the generous help provided by Zachary Gene Haney McCauley and Meredith McGregor. A big thanks goes out to NCLAC and The Dixie Center for the Arts in Ruston, LA for hosting the workshop.


For more information about the North Central Louisiana Arts Council up coming Arts Achademy workshops click on the link below.








Photography - Zachary Gene Haney McCauley

Design - Meredith McGregor








This year I will be HAT the Turbo Goat… and I can’t wait!


That’s right, it is time for the 2013 Holiday Art Tour. This is a great chance to support local arts and businesses. North Central Louisiana Arts Council is hosting the 16th Annual HAT in downtown Ruston, LA. The tour is a pairing of artists with businesses in an open house/art walk format full of food, music, and art. Nov. 21st - 24th



For more info on the Turbo Goat and the Lodge tour site, click the link below.



To find more info on the Holiday Art Tour, check out this link.








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