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"Commons", By Peter and Cora Hay, Mixed Media Installation, 40'x10'x15', 2016

This painted, vinyl, stained mulch, and recycled plastic immersive installation allegorically represents industrial and ecological aspects of Oklahoma’s past, present, and future as interpreted by my six year old daughter Cora and I. Historical images of Oklahoma’s industry found in the New York Public Library Public Collection and from my personal visual vocabulary and research were combined with expanded vinyl versions of Cora’s drawings. Organic forms made from recyclable plastics provided by the Tulsa Metropolitan Trust serve as a transition from wall to floor and from everyday surroundings to their source/end.


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Giving Thanks:


“Common Ground” came about with the help of many hands. Special thanks to Cora Hay, Summer Hay, Amelia Hay, Julia Hay, Renee Nordholm, Mery McNett, Steve Liggett, and Michael Bowe for their assistance and patience.


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