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"Reticulation" - Living Arts of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK, August 2020




"Reticulated Exemplum"

Digital Video Projection, Manta, Wood, and Ink

Created in collaboration with: Stephanie García (Dancer, Mexico City, MX) Cora Hay (Drawings) Barbara, Amelia, and Ben Hay (Fabrication of Screens)


Connections happen when we least expect them. Through unpredictable video sequencing and overlapping projections a space is created for each visitor to have a unique experience and derived meaning.  Our perceptions are most clear in a narrow spectrum of reality and that sliver of reality is filtered through our thoughts and readily available knowledge. The remainder is lost on us or lives in our subconscious only emerging in unknown ways and times. This installation prods at this unconscious and intuitive form of creativity and human decision making at large related to our emergence, history, and dependence on the earth.









Found paper based graffiti from Mexico City, MX and Mixed Media on Paper










Inspiring Conversations Podcast

Interview regarding the "Reticulation" exhibit at Living Arts, August of 2020.


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