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Rivers: (Un)Conscious Tributaries

by Doug Gonzalez & Peter Hay

June 8 - 16, 2018

Studio & Gallery, Durango, CO


Collaboration can result in a greater outcome than that of an individual mind. This is the case with Rivers. Doug Gonzalez and I combined many hours of discussion and our past unique styles to create this series entitled Dissolve/Resolve. To create this work, I collected acid mine drainage silt from the King Gold Mine spill and used it as paint directly onto wooden panels to represent the chemical structures of toxins it contains or foundational creatures of the local ecosystem. Doug made images of flowing water from the Animas River and printed them upon mylar for a semitransparent result that could be overlaid upon the paintings.

Doug Gonzalez moved to Durango in 2015 and currently works at the Durango Arts Center as the Administrative Operations Coordinator. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College in 2011. After college, Doug moved to New York city where he apprenticed with photojournalists and fashion photographers.






































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