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Mary Dunn - "Landscape After Lanalouise" Etching, Aquatint, Dry Point and Gouache 5"x5" 2014







Hillary Clary - “Familiar Songs” Digital Lithography on Piano Paper 8' x 6' x 2'







Tess Stickney - “Inedible” Soft Ground, Etching and Aquatint 10”x12” 2014







Ashley Baker – “Remnant” Hard Ground, Soft Ground and Aquatint 14" x 14"






Mary Dunn - "Landscape After marya_plette" Etching and Gouache 4"x4" 2014







Kelvin Spears - “Love is Blind” Etching and Dry Point, 7”x4” 2013







Ariel Bzdil - “Untitled” Soft Ground, Etching, and Aquatint, 8”x10” 2014









Hillary Clary – “Lichen and Moss Studies Under a Microscope” Digital Lithography, 20 - 6" x 6"






Ariel Bzdil - "Stay in the light" Etching, Soft Ground and Aguatint 6"x6" 2014







Hillary Clary - “Life Cycle (Worm Sack)” Soft Ground, Etching and Chlorophyll 6”x6” 2014







Madison Kunz - “Sugar Glider” Chine Colle, Soft Ground, Etching and Dry Point, 6”x6” 2014






Hillary Clary - "Collection" Etching, Aquatint, Spitbite, Soft Ground, and Poupee 11"x15" 2014








Madison Kunz – “Sugar Gliders” Digital Lithography 5' x 3'







Amanda Jamroz - “Still Life” Oil on Canvas, 16”x20” 2012







Cecily Stevenson - “Still Life” Oil on Canvas, 16”x20” 2012







Amanda Jamroz - “Limited Palette Still Life” Oil on Canvas, 10”x8” 2012







Beth Dixon - “Limited Palette Still Life” Oil on Canvas, 8”x10” 2012





Ellen Frautschi - “I’m goin’ down like a one egg puddin” Foam, Acrylic and Twine 2013







Beth Dixon - “No More” Concrete, 4’x2.5’ 2013







Marguerite Hogue - “Untitled” Wood, Steel, Thread, and Concrete, 4’x5’x8’ 2013







Jesse Suggs - “Dichotomy” Laser cut wood and CNC Plasma Cut Steel, 12 individual 5”x5”x5” 2013







Seinna Haralson - “Inside Out” Wood, 3’x2’x8” 2013







Beth Dixon - “Untitled” Wood, 3’x2.5’x2’ 2013







Lauren Eubanks - “The Teachers Cake” Concrete, Bondo, Steel and Ceramic, 11”x11”x8” 2013













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